At A Glance:

Program Year: 2022
Top Skills: Football, Fishing, Cooking, Swimming, Tennis
Driver's License: No
Dates Of Availability:
    From: 6/1/2022
    To: 8/31/2022


Female | Age 26 | Jamaica

Camp Counselor

Comments from Sheena

Why do you want to be a J-1 camp counselor?
I want to be a camp counselor because I want the experience, I love beings in the company of kids. More importantly, I always aim to be a positive influence. Iíve always found myself sharing advice based on past experiences and hopefully my words of wisdom will help mold young humans being to become the best version of themselves when they get older.

Why do you want to work with children and what will you accomplish in doing so?

What attributes do you have that would make you a good role model?