At A Glance:

Program Year: 2022
Top Skills: Other - List Below:, Dance, Other - List Below:, Drama
Driver's License: No
Dates Of Availability:
    From: 5/1/2021
    To: 9/9/2022


Female | Age 33 | Jamaica

Camp Counselor

Comments from Ann-Shirley

Why do you want to be a J-1 camp counselor?
I have experience with being a camp staff and director at my church camp, I feel that my skills and experience would be an asset. Being able to connect with others and share my culture is something that I would like to do as well.

Why do you want to work with children and what will you accomplish in doing so?
I believe it was Mother Teresa -who said "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples" . With this in mind I believe children are our future and to be able to impart my culture, my skills and love for life, would be my contribution to our future generation in my small way.

What attributes do you have that would make you a good role model?
I am a team player, I pay attention to details and I have great communication skills, my ability to think fast and not succumb under pressure makes me a good role model.