At A Glance:

Program Year: 2022
Top Skills: Carpenter , Welder, Gardener , Maintenance
Driver's License: No
Dates Of Availability:
    From: 6/4/2022
    To: 8/12/2022

Marco Antonio

Male | Age 25 | Mexico

Summer Work & Travel

Comments from Marco Antonio

Besides the benefits of cultural exchange and the chance to perfect your foreign language skills, give at least 2 other reasons why you want to participate in the work and travel program.
Have the experience of traveling to the United States and meet people and cultures from other countries. Know how the camp works in the United States

Describe your career goals and how you plan to achieve them.
Finish my degree, obtaining a good score in the ceneval exam

What do you expect (and can contribute) from your employer/employee relationship?
That at all times be of learning and healthy conviction