At A Glance:

Program Year: 2022
Top Skills: Cooking, Dance, Scrapbooking, Drama, Photography
Driver's License: No
Dates Of Availability:
    From: 1/1/2022
    To: 11/12/2022


Female | Age | Jamaica

Camp Counselor

Comments from Yolanda

Why do you want to be a J-1 camp counselor?
In being a camp counsellor, I would definitely classify myself a being someone who likes to spend time outdoors, especially because I am really good with children and they always enjoy spending time with me, someone who like to make new friends, cultural exchange, having loads of fun, while still standing up as a role model and a tremendous leader to my campers.

Why do you want to work with children and what will you accomplish in doing so?
Working with children will always provide me with a positive outlook on life, and with this I believe that I would be an excellent leader to my campers, I know that I can impact them in a positive way in becoming caring and considerate people of the world.\nI know that I am a great teacher at heart and I will always have my campers care at heart.\nWhile being a great leader and providing them with support and skills I myself will also learn from my campers their culture and I will be able to see as they grow in confidence and develop their own identity, I would definitely be happy to see that I was a huge part of their success.

What attributes do you have that would make you a good role model?
As a role model I know that I am :\n1. self aware individual- Of which I believe that people decide what kind of person you are by you behavior and the way you carry your self, it is imperative that you make a great first impression.\n2. Showing respect to others- As a child I was told that respect goes both ways which means in short respect given is respect gained and I see respect as great way to get through in life.\n3. My ability to overcome obstacles- of which I will never stop trying trying until I am successful in what I need to achieve.\n4. Passion to inspire- As a parent myself I have always had a passion to inspire others to always be themselves and not try to be some else, have a mind of their own and always reach for stars.\n5. commitment to task- I will never leave a project or task unfinished, I will always make sure that I complete my given task on time and make sure that all given instructions are followed.