At A Glance:

Program Year: 2022
Top Skills: Animal Care, Fishing, Cooking, Dance, Music
Driver's License: Yes
Dates Of Availability:
    From: 6/15/2022
    To: 9/9/2022


Female | Age 28 | Jamaica

Camp Counselor

Comments from Celia

Why do you want to be a J-1 camp counselor?
I have been working with children for 3 years. However because of all the covid restrictions in my country our activities have been limited. Hence, working at a camp with children will help me regain those skills, to go back into the classroom this coming September.

Why do you want to work with children and what will you accomplish in doing so?
Children always seem to make everything more fun and entertaining. By doing this I will be getting some therapeutic sessions with the children.

What attributes do you have that would make you a good role model?
I am a good listener and I always pay attention to the needs of children. It is always easy for me to connect with children to develop bonds of friendship.